Missing, Presumed


Good afternoon readers!

I have just finished reading Susie Steiner’s second novel which I picked up in  WH Smiths last week.

The tale begins when Edith Hind, daughter of Lord and Lady Hind, goes missing and sparks off a huge police manhunt to find her. The mystery unravels as each of her friends and loved ones seems to have a different version of her life. I felt that the plot was a bit flimsy and was underwhelmed by the revelations at the end. I was fascinated by the plot points which involved modern police forensics.  I enjoyed the Hornby-esque not so much happy as silver lining ending.

Steiner’s distinctive style is an unusual mix of crime fiction and literary fiction. I’m not sure how well the two genres fit together but I enjoyed reading it all the same. What I loved about this novel was the immense depth of character. Steiner is a master of portraying vivid true to life characters. I got absolutely absorbed in the lives of her characters. She does this by giving us into a window into their minds by her lengthy tellings of their thoughts and feelings. The book is an amalgamation of About a Boy by Nick Hornby and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Manon Bradshaw is what would have happened if Will Freeman had had a sex change and become a detective. I was totally absorbed by the missing girl’s mother, Miriam, from the start as her thoughts and feelings seem to mirror my own. The vividness of Steiner’s characters would work extremely well as a TV series.

Persons Unknown, the second DS Manon Bradshaw novel, is due out in June this year. I am really looking forward to more of her antics. I hope you are too.






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