Welcome to Detectastory

Hello Readers!

I’ve been meaning for a while to start a crime fiction blog so today I’m biting the bullet and finally getting round to writing my first post. My plan for the blog is to mostly write about crime fiction (including novels and short stories as well as TV series and films)¬†and authors but also write the odd post about historic true crime and occasionally post my own crime fiction.

My love affair with crime fiction began in my teenage years, when my dear Grandma gave me a much loved copy of The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie and I was instantly smitten. That old book is one of my most prized possessions. In more recent years, I have read more modern crime fiction such as Sophie Hannah’s Poirot mysteries and Ruth Ware’s Christie-esque thrillers. I am currently reading Missing Presumed by Susie Steiner. So far I love this novel, I really love the depth of her characters and the plot is refreshingly modern. I will talk more about all the books I’ve just mentioned another time. Today I want to talk about something else entirely.

My favourite murder mystery TV series at the moment is Death in Paradise. I am enjoying the current series immensely. I was flicking through the Radio Times a few days ago and came across a short review of last week’s episode which ended with the statement ‘no one watches Death in Paradise for the plots’. I was astounded. I particularly enjoyed last week’s episode in which a PhD student was the victim at a literary festival on Saint Marie. I find the plots refreshingly easy to follow, that is the whole appeal of the show to me. The statement is clearly untrue as I, for one, do indeed watch Death in Paradise for the plots. How about you?



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